Allan Levene

It’s a fortunate man who knows his own destiny, before it overtakes him. Do you know yours?

Common sense… something lacking in Washington

This website is about making our country a better place, how to save the economy, how to get out of the insane wars we get involved in and other observations.   Click on Political Campaign Site, top left to see my campaign site and read my political articles about how to fix our problems, economy, wars, the Middle East, our… Read more →

Why the Republican Party is in trouble

A recent report stated that 70% or more of the global population will be living in cities by 2050. Read the report here. It’s about 54% today. If you look at above map, you can make some broad observations about geography and party of choice. Look at the population map, and you’ll notice that the Republican Party controls the suburban… Read more →

Obama’s no boots pledge

Based on recent events, I think that the lion needs to be replaced by a chicken   If you’re wondering why President Obama pledged to not send “boots on the ground” to Iraq and Syria, here’s the truth. You don’t hear much truth in Washington, so I have to write it. It’s a shame that I wasn’t elected to the… Read more →

Mike Rogers

As you may know Mike Rogers is an almost fourteen year Republican veteran of the U.S. House of Representatives from Michigan’s 8th congressional district. Mr. Rogers is in a solid Republican district so he could have expected to stay in office forever if he wanted. But he chose to announce his retirement about a month before the registration process closed… Read more →